I'm a mom and a designer. I created this personal project to help other moms, dads, and the society view motherhood from a different perspective.

I believe that telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to help others in similar situation. If you are a working mom or dad and you have found your own way to approach this topic, write a story about your experience and send it to me. I'll post it here to share your point of view with other women. Don't worry, you don't need to agree with me. It is important to show all points of view.

Send your story to motherhoodpride@gmail.com

If you have a project, institution, or a company that is connected with this cause, let me know and we can build a partnership together.
Send me an email: motherhoodpride@gmail.com


This project will never be possible without my daughter, who is teaching how to be a mom, my mom who was an inspiration for me as a working mom, all those women that I interviewed who have shared so much with me, my dear friend Judy who recorded the audio for the video, my English Guru Marcus who makes sure I express my ideas clearly and some lovely friends who always give awesome feedback: Jennifer, Justine, Luciana, Daniela, Lilian, Kevin, Andre, Erico and my husband.

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If you got here, you are probably curious about how this started.

My story is almost like Ana’s story on the video. However, when I became the mother of a beautiful girl, I had the privilege to enjoy maternity leave during her first 6 months.After that period, I returned to work full of fears.
I was always asking myself “Will I be outdated?” I was overwhelmed with fear. I felt I was not the same professional I used to be and I was right. I had changed a lot. I was no longer the same. I was BETTER!

I had returned with all my heart, I worked fewer hours and I was more productive than ever, my career grew and I was invited more often t give courses and lectures about my work outside the company. I was more focused on the activities I used to do.

After working for a year, I knew for sure that motherhood had helped me to become not only a better person, but a better professional.

Life is always changing and recently my husband received a proposal to work in a different State and we decided to go.

To start a new life far from my folks and in-laws - they used to help us a lot with our daughter - I had to leave my job. We decided that it would be best if I stayed away from work for the time being. This way, I could dedicate my time to our daughter and settle in our new home.

The break from work made those fears come back. After talking to other women who also decided to move away from work temporarily, I realized that my fears were more common than I had imagined. These women, like me, had built a professional career, but because they chose to dedicate themselves to their children for a while, the market did not see them in the same way as before.

Because of that, I decided to use all my free time to build this project. From October to December 2016 I interviewed 21 women from different nationalities and walks of life to create this project. I talked to women who don’t want to have kids, are pregnant, are nursing, took a career break recently, are trying to come back to the workforce, or have stopped working and already came back, and I also talked to recruiters.

The most important thing that I learned from those interviews was that the majority of those women were not aware of all soft skills they might have learned. Some of them had the strong sense that they were losing their careers.

The video and website launched in March 2017. I strongly believe that being a mom helped me to become a better human being and also a better professional and with this project I hope to share this feeling with the world.

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Be Aware, Be Proud!